Understanding Peter 3:6
  • In I Peter 3:1-7, there is some key admonition to the wives that is very important for salvation.

1Pe 3:6

Even as Sara obeyed Abraham, calling him lord: whose daughters ye are, as long as ye do well, and are not afraid G5399 with any amazement. G4423





Thayer Definition:

1) to put to flight by terrifying (to scare away) 1a) to put to flight, to flee 1b) to fear, be afraid 1b1) to be struck with fear, to be seized with alarm 1b1a) of those startled by strange sights or occurrences 1b1b) of those struck with amazement 1b2) to fear, be afraid of one 1b3) to fear (i.e. hesitate) to do something (for fear of harm)
harm) 1c) to reverence, venerate, to treat with deference or reverential obedience.




pto'-ay-sis From G4422; alarm: - amazement.

World English Bible:

1Pe 3:6

as Sarah obeyed Abraham, calling him Adono, whose children you now are, if you do well, and are not put in fear by any terror.


  • Now in 1 Peter 3:6, Peter said "are not afraid with any amazement.” Peter is encouraging the women not to be caught up in their emotions when hearing of fearful things because this was the ONE MISTAKE that Sarah made, of which, caused her death. Her emotions for her son overwhelmed her reasoning to have faith in hearkening to the words of her husband when she was given fearful news that was contrary to what she was told by Abraham. The devil told her fearful things in guile and in her emotions, she hearkened to all his deceit, which led to her death. This is why the women must strive to be sober minded and faithful in all things that they may be protected from the wiles of the devil (II Corr 11:3). Let's follow the testimony and learn of how the enemy seeks to separate the wife from the righteousness of being in unison with her husband.

Jasher 23:1.

At that time the word of AHAYAH came to Abraham, and He said unto him: Abraham! And he said, here I am.
Jasher 23:2.

And He said to him : Take now thy son, thine only begotten son whom thou lovest, even Isaac, and go to the land of Moriah, and offer him there for a burnt offering upon one of the mountains, which shall be shown to thee, for there wilt thou see a cloud and the glory of AHAYAH.

Jasher 23:3.

And Abraham said within himself, how shall I separate my son Isaac from Sarah his mother, in order to bring him up for a burnt offering before AHAYAH?

  • ( Abraham is not willing to divulge Ahayah’s command to Sarah to protect her out of love because he knows her great emotion for her son and the grief it would cause. He was aware of her vulnerability, so he sought to protect her from her area of vulnerability as an example of dwelling with one's wife according to knowledge and giving honor unto the weaker vessel.)

Jasher 23:4.

And Abraham came into the tent, and he sat before Sarah his wife, and he spoke these words to her.

Jasher 23:5.

My son Isaac is grown up and he has not for some time studied the service of his Alahayim, now tomorrow I will go and bring him to Shem, and Eber his son, and there he will learn the ways of AHAYAH, for they will teach him to know AHAYAH as well as to know that when he prayeth continually before AHAYAH, He will answer him, therefore there he will know the way of serving AHAYAH his Alahayim.

  • (Abraham is faithful that Ahayah will restore Isaac, even from the dead to the point that he makes plans to take his son to Shem after he goes to offer him up. He didn’t lie because he literally sent Isaac to Shem like he had said after the sacrifice and burying of Sarah. His heart was steadfast with Alahayim, and he was using wisdom trying to protect his wife from her own vulnerability)

Heb 11:17

By faith Abraham, when he was tried, offered up Isaac: and he that had received the promises offered up his only begotten son,

Heb 11:18

Of whom it was said, That in Isaac shall thy seed be called:

Heb 11:19

Accounting that Alahayim was able to raise him up, even from the dead; from whence also he received him in a figure. (This is why Abraham told his wife he was taking Isaac to Shem because he had no doubt his son would live)

Jasher 24:17.

And when the days of their mourning passed by Abraham sent away his son Isaac, and he went to the house of Shem and Eber, to learn the ways of AHAYAH and his instructions, and Abraham remained there three years. (Sadly his desire to send his son off got postponed by coming home to find his wife deceased. If she would have stayed temperate  not being afraid with the fearful tidings of Satan and remembering her husband's words, she would have lived.)

  • Continuing the story:

Jasher 23:6.

And Sarah said, thou hast spoken well, go my Adono and do unto him as thou hast said, but remove him not at a great distance from me, neither let him remain there too long, for my soul is bound within his soul.

  • (Initially she was in agreement but already worrying about Isaac.)

Jasher 23:7.

And Abraham said unto Sarah, my daughter, let us pray to AHAYAH our Alahayim that he may do good with us.

Jasher 23:8.

And Sarah took her son Isaac and he abided all that night with her, and she kissed and embraced him, and gave him instructions till morning.
Jasher 23:9

And she said to him, O my son how can my soul separate itself from thee? And she still kissed him and embraced him. And she gave Abraham instructions concerning him.

Jasher 23:10.

And Sarah said to Abraham: O my Lord, I pray thee, take heed of thy son, and place thine eyes over him, for I have no other son nor daughter but him.

Jasher 23:11.

O forsake him not. If he be hungry give him bread, and if he be thirsty give him water to drink ; do not let him go on foot, neither let him sit in the sun.
Jasher 23:12.

Neither let him go by himself in the road, neither force him from whatever he may desire, but do unto him as he may say to thee.

Jasher 23:13.

And Sarah wept bitterly the whole night on account of Isaac, and she gave him instructions till morning.
Jasher 23:14.

And in the morning Sarah selected a very fine and beautiful garment from those garments which she had in the house that Abimelech had given to her.

Jasher 23:15.

And she dressed Isaac her son therewith, and she put a turban upon his head, and she enclosed a precious stone in the top of the turban, and she gave them provision for the road, and they went forth, and Isaac went with his father Abraham, and some of their servants accompanied them to see them off the road.
Jasher 23:16.

And Sarah went out with them, and she accompanied them upon the road to see them off, and they said to her, return to the tent.

  • (Notice here, her husband instructed her to return to the tent, He spake nothing of leaving it until he returned.)

Jasher 23:17.

And when Sarah heard the words of her son Isaac she wept bitterly, and Abraham her husband wept with her, and their son wept with them a great weeping; also those who went with them wept greatly.

  • (Abraham loved his son just like Sarah did, He was not overwhelmed by it to hinder him from obeying Ahayah’s voice. This is why we must stay sober minded and temperate to guard the commandments)

Jasher 23:18.

And Sarah caught hold of her son Isaac, and she held him in her arms, and she embraced him and continued to weep with him, and Sarah said, who knoweth if after this day I shall ever see thee again?

Jasher 23:19.

And they still wept together, Abraham, Sarah and Isaac and all those that accompanied them on the road wept with them, and Sarah afterward turned away from her son, weeping bitterly, and all her men servants and maid servants returned with her to the tent.

  • Interestingly, the whole family was emotional thus far, but as we continue reading, we see the difference in how one responds when facing adversity. Abraham, Isaac, and Sarah were all tempted by the devil in the coming verses, but Sarah, in her deep emotion and fear instead of believing Ahayah would preserve him and trusting in the words of her husband, (mind you she didn’t know he was being sacrificed, yet was very grieved) was the only one who fell by not cleaving in faith to her lord. Abraham cleaved to Ahayah, Isaac cleaved to his father’s words instead of hearkening to anyone else, but Sarah hearkened to the words of a stranger without consideration of what her husband told her due to fear clouding her mind.

  1.  Abraham tried by Satan to doubt Ahayah’s command

Jasher 23:25.

And whilst Abraham was proceeding with his son Isaac along the road, Satan came and appeared to Abraham in the figure of a very aged man, humble and of contrite spirit, and he approached Abraham and said to him, art thou silly or brutish, that thou goest to do this thing this day to thine only son?

  • (The devil uses people just as he uses demonic spirits, so take heed to who you listen to for advice and counsel. Abraham had to withstand the temptation of going against his lord, Yache, and prevailed by being faithful in obeying his voice.)

Jasher 23:26.

For Alahayim gave thee a son in thy latter days, in thy old age, and wilt thou go and slaughter him this day because he committed no violence, and wilt thou cause the soul of thine only son to perish from the earth?

  • (Tempting him with his love for Isaac to entice him to worry about Isaac over what he was commanded)

Jasher 23:27.

Dost thou not know and understand that this thing cannot be from AHAYAH? For AHAYAH cannot do unto man such evil upon earth to say to him, go slaughter thy child.

  • (Tempting his faith by trying to make him doubt it was Ahayah that wanted him to do it.)

Jasher 23:28.

And Abraham heard this and knew that it was the word of Satan who endeavored to draw him

aside from the way of AHAYAH, but Abraham would not hearken to the voice of Satan, and Abraham

rebuked him so that he went away. 

  • (He knew it was Satan because it was contrary to what Ahayah said to do. When we are temperate and sober minded Ahayah provides a way out of the temptation.)

  1. Isaac tried by Satan to doubt the command and guidance of his father from Ahayah.

Jasher 23:29.

And Satan returned and came to Isaac; and he appeared unto Isaac in the figure of a young man, comely and well favored.
Jasher 23:30.

And he approached Isaac and said unto him: Dost thou not know and understand that thy old silly father bringeth thee to the slaughter this day for nought?

Jasher 23:31.

Now therefore, my son, do not listen nor attend to him, for he is a silly old man, and let not thy precious soul and beautiful figure be lost from the earth.

  • (the devil tried to claim authority over Isaac as his son to hearken to him instead of Abraham, his covering.)

Jasher 23:32.

And Isaac heard this, and said unto Abraham, hast thou heard, my father, that which this man has spoken, even thus has he spoken?

  • (As you can see Isaac did not even respond to Satan, he immediately told his father and waited for his counsel on what to do. This is how we have to cleave to our covering when tempted.)

Jasher 23:33.

And Abraham answered his son Isaac and said to him, take heed of him and do not listen to his words, nor attend to him, for he is Satan endeavoring to draw us aside this day from the commands of Alahayim.

Jasher 23:34

And Abraham still rebuked Satan, and Satan went from them, and seeing he could not prevail

over them he hid himself from them, and he went and passed before them in the road; and he transformed himself to a large brook of water in the road, and Abraham and Isaac and his two young men reached that place, and they saw a brook large and powerful as the mighty waters.

(Isaac went to his covering, his father, and his father counseled him and rebuked Satan, likewise we all ought to take this testimony for guidance to overcome the wicked darts of the enemy. There is no discussion to have with Satan or his spirits, even as Isaac didn't even respond to Satan but spoke to his father.)
Jasher 23:70.

And Abraham lifted up his eyes and saw, and behold, a ram was caught in a thicket by his horns; that was the ram which AHAYAH Alahayim had created in the earth in the day that he made earth and heaven.

  • (When faithful and patient, Ahayah always makes a way out, he provided a ram to deliver his servant Isaac.)

1Co 10:13

There hath no temptation taken you but such as is common to man: but Alahayim is faithful, who will not suffer you to be tempted above that ye are able; but will with the temptation also make a way to escape, that ye may be able to bear it.

Jasher 23:71.

For AHAYAH had prepared this ram from that day, to be a burnt offering instead of Isaac. 
Jasher 23:72.

And this ram was advancing to Abraham when Satan caught hold of him and entangled his horns in the thicket, that he might not advance to Abraham, in order that Abraham might slay his son.
Jasher 23:73

And Abraham, seeing the ram advancing to him and Satan withholding him, fetched him and brought him before the altar, and he loosened his son Isaac from his binding, and he put the ram in his stead, and Abraham killed the ram upon the altar, and brought it up as an offering in the place of his son Isaac. 
Jasher 23:74

And Abraham sprinkled some of the blood of the ram upon the altar, and he exclaimed and said, this is in the place of my son, and may this be considered this day as the blood of my son before AHAYAH.
Jasher 23:75

And all that Abraham did on this occasion by the altar, he would exclaim and say, this is in the place of my son, and may it this day be considered before AHAYAH in the place of my son. And Abraham finished the whole of the service by the altar, and the service was accepted before AHAYAH, and was accounted as if it had been Isaac; and AHAYAH blessed Abraham and his seed on that day.

  • (See that Isaac has already been delivered from the sword before Satan comes to lie and say he is being sacrificed)

  1. Sarah is tempted to doubt the words of her husband. He said he was going to Shem Jasher 23:5-6 and his last command to her was “return to the tent.”Jasher 23:16 She was supposed to stay home. Ahayah had already delivered Isaac from the sword, Abraham was going to take Isaac to Shem as he told his wife. We have evidence of this being his next move because it was the first thing he did after mourning for Sarah. Sarah didn’t hearken to her husband for fear of heart at the fearful words that her son was dead because the devil had been working on her from before Isaac left with thoughts of never seeing him again. The is why Peter is warning the women to “not be afraid with any amazement or be put in fear by any terror.’. Sadly, that Serpent deceived our mother Sarah and caused her death. Yet She is a testimony for you, her daughter by faith in Yache, of any nation, to not be afraid with any amazement by staying of a sound mind in temperance.

Jasher 23:76.

And Satan went to Sarah, and he appeared to her in the figure of an old man very humble and meek, and Abraham was yet engaged in the burnt offering before AHAYAH.

(Don’t let the countenance of a person nor their character fool you to think it is not the devil, but take heed to the words that they speak. Is it against the law? Is it according to the fruits of the Spirit? Is it contrary to what your lord told you? Would your lord be in agreement? Be vigilant)

Jasher 23:77.

And he said unto her: Dost thou not know all the work that Abraham has made with thine only son this day? For he took Isaac and built an altar and killed him, and brought him up as a sacrifice upon the altar, and Isaac cried and wept before his father, but he looked not at him, neither did he have compassion over him.

  • (Lies, but Sarah welcomed it because of all the emotion she already had thinking she might never see Isaac again instead of being faithful in her Alahayim and the words of her husband.)

Jasher 23:78.

And Satan repeated these words, and he went away from her, and Sarah heard all the words of Satan, and she imagined him to be an old man from amongst the sons of men who had been with her son, and had come and told her these things.

  • (Now we know when it’s the devil talking to us, whether in our mind or in our face, he repeats over and over until we cave in. Sadly Sarah listened to him while being in her emotions which kept her from seeing the spirit working in that old man. Then she did not wait patiently to speak with her husband about the matter. On the other hand, Isaac asked his father about the deceitful words said to him and only believed his father’s word, as an example of abiding in your covering. It was expedient for Sarah to have stayed in the tent like she was told and remembered that this was not what Abraham had spoken while waiting to ask him when he returned.)

Jasher 23:79.

And Sarah lifted up her voice and wept and cried out bitterly on account of her son; and she threw herself upon the ground and she cast dust upon her head, and she said, O my son, Isaac my son, O that I had this day died instead of thee. And she continued to weep and said, it grieves me for thee, O my son, my son Isaac, O that I had died this day in thy stead.

  • (She believed the stranger without consulting with her husband.)

Jasher 23:80.

And she still continued to weep, and said, it grieves me for thee after that I have reared thee and have brought thee up; now my joy is turned into mourning over thee, I that had a longing for thee, and cried and prayed to Alahayim till I bare thee at ninety years old; and now hast thou served this day for the knife and the fire, to be made an offering. 

Jasher 23:81.

But I console myself with thee my son, in it being the word of AHAYAH, for thou didst perform the command of thy Alayahim: For who can transgress the word of our Alahayim, in whose hands is the soul of every living creature?

  • (Sadly, the devil already turned her away from Alahayim by not hearkening to her husband, but she was ignorant to his wiles and even in her ignorance she gave glory to Alahayim, which shows she just made a mistake unawares and she wasn't being presumptuous.)

Jasher 23:82.

Thou art just O AHAYAH our Alahayim, for all thy works are good and righteous; for I also am rejoiced with thy word which thou didst command, and whilst mine eye weepeth bitterly my heart rejoiceth.
Jasher 23:83

And Sarah laid her head upon the bosom of one of her handmaids, and she became as still as a stone.

Jasher 23:84.

She afterward rose up and went about making inquiries till she came to Hebron, and she inquired of all those whom she met walking in the road, and no one could tell her what had happened to her son.

Jasher 23:85.

And she came with her maid servants and men servants to KireathArba, which is Hebron, and she asked concerning her son, and she remained there whilst she sent some of her servants to seek where Abraham had gone with Isaac; they went to seek him in the house of Shem and Eber, and they could not find him, and they sought throughout the land and he was not there.

Jasher 23:86.

And behold, Satan came to Sarah in the shape of an old man, and he came and stood before her, and he said unto her, I spoke falsely unto thee, for Abraham did not kill his son and he is not dead. And when she heard the word, her joy was so exceedingly violent on account of her son that her soul went out through joy. She died and was gathered to her people.

  •  (Unstable emotions can lead to our death. One has to be grounded in faith, having soundness of mind, and temperance. One's life depends on it.)

  • In closing, these were the events Peter was referring to that the women may be admonished to walk in all the righteousness of Sarah except being too given into emotions.