Understanding I Timothy 2:15

Understanding 1 Timothy 2:9-15 and Why childbearing saves women. 

  • Paul admonished Timothy in his letter on the ordering of the Church to preserve holiness and unity unto the perfection of the body of Christ Yache. {Eph 4:11-14} This section is to perceptually give edification on why it is important for the women to be silent in the church, not usurp authority over the man, and why she shall be saved in childbearing if she continue in faith, charity, and holiness with sobriety.

1Ti 2:15

Notwithstanding she shall be saved in childbearing, if they continue in faith and charity and holiness with sobriety.

  • The reason it is ordained for women to be in silence is due to the fact that she is who was deceived and found to be in transgression for opening herself up unto Satan to lift herself up against Alahayim and  speak words of transgression to lead her husband astray from Alahayim.

1Ti 2:14

And Adam was not deceived, but the woman being deceived was in the transgression.

  • She fell  through the devil's subtelty for which she repented.

2Co 11:3

But I fear, lest by any means, as the serpent beguiled Eve through his subtilty, so your minds should be corrupted from the simplicity that is in Meshiyacha

  • Yet due to her fall, she was told by Alahayim her desire would be unto her husband and he would rule over her [Gen 3:16} so that she may be under obedience. {I Cor 14:34} 

Gen 3:16

Unto the woman he said, I will greatly multiply thy sorrow and thy conception; in sorrow thou shalt bring forth children; and thy desire shall be to thy husband, and he shall rule over thee.

1Cor 14:34

Let your women keep silence in the churches: for it is not permitted unto them tok speak; but they are commanded to be under obedience, as also saith the law.

  • The admonition for women to keep silence in the churches are a token of their obedience, rather than an unseemly work. Today the woman is in a war to obey Ahayah's voice and bring every thought into subjection unto the obedience of Christ by the fruits of the Spirit to keep her in subjection to her lord as oppose to rebelling against Alahayim to lift herself up against Alahayim as the serpent caused the first woman to do in the beginning.

2 Cor 10:4

(For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through Aahayim to the pulling down of strongholds;)

2 Cor 10:5

Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of Alahayim, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ.

  • First we will take a look at what the records say concerning what happened in the beginning. Please reference the "admonition to the women" to get the full break down of what happened in the beginning as well.

The Apocalypse of Moses chapter 15-30

Chiuwah's Account of her fall


Then saith Chiuwah to them: "Hear, all my children and children's children, and I will relate to you how the enemy deceived us. It befell that we were guarding paradise, each of us the portion allotted to us from Alahayim. Now I guarded in my lot the west and the south. But the devil went to Adam's lot, where the male creatures were. For Alahayim divided the creatures; all the males he gave to your father, and all the females he gave to me.


"And instantly he hung himself from the wall of paradise, and when the angels ascended to worship Alahayim, then Satan appeared in the form of an angel and sang hymns like the angels. And I bent over the wall and saw him, like an angel. But he saith to me: 'Art thou Chiuwah?' And I said to him, 'I am.' 'What art thou doing in paradise?' And I said to him, 'Alahayim set us to guard and to eat of it.' The devil answered through the mouth of the serpent: 'Ye do well but ye do not eat of every plant.' And I said: 'Yea, we eat of all, save one only, which is in the midst of paradise, concerning which, Alahayim charged us not to eat of it: for, He said to us, on the day on which ye eat of it, ye shall die the death.' 


"Then the serpent saith to me, 'May Alahayim live! But I am grieved on your account, for I would not have you ignorant. But arise, come hither, harken to me and eat and mind the value of that tree.' But I said to him, 'I fear lest Alahayim be wroth with me as he told us.' And he saith to me: 'Fear not, for as soon as thou eatest of it ye too shall be as Alahayim, in that ye shall know good and evil. But Alahayim perceived this that ye would be like Him, so he envied you and said, ye shall not eat of it. Nay, do thou give heed to the

plant and thou wilt see its great glory.' Yet I feared to take of the fruit. And he saith to me: 'Come hither,
thee. Follow me.' 

"And I opened to him and he walked a little way, then turned and said to me: 'I have changed my mind, and I will not give thee to eat until thou swear to me to give also to thy husband.' And I said, 'What sort of oath

shall I swear to thee? Yet what I know, I say to thee: By the throne of the Master, and by the Cherubim and the Tree of Life, I will give also to my husband to eat.' And when  he had received the oath from me, he went forth and poured upon the fruit the poison of his wickedness, which is lust, the root and beginning of every sin, and he bent the branch on the earth and I took of the fruit and I ate.


"And in that very hour my eyes were opened, and forthwith I knew that I was bare of the righteousness with which I had been clothed upon, and I wept and said to him: 'Why hast thou done this to me in that thou hast deprived me of the glory with which I was clothed?' But I wept also about the oath, which I had sworn. But he descended from the tree and vanished. And I began to seek, in my nakedness, in my part for leaves to hide my shame, but I found none, for as soon as I had eaten, the leaves showered down from all the trees in my part, except the Fig-tree only. But I took leaves from it and made for myself a girdle and it was from the very same plant of which I had eaten.


"And I cried out in that very hour, 'Adam, Adam, where art thou? Rise up, come to me and I will show thee a great secret.' But when your father came, I spake to him words of transgression which have brought us down from our great glory. For, when he came, I opened my mouth and the devil was speaking, and I began to exhort him and said, 'Come hither, my Adono Adam, harken to me and eat of the fruit of the tree of which Alahayim told us not to eat of it, and thou shalt be as a Alahayim.' And your father answered and said, 'I fear lest Alahayim be wroth with me.' And I said to him, 'Fear not, for as soon as thou hast eaten thou shalt know good and evil.' And speedily I persuaded him, and he ate, and straightway his eyes were opened and he, too, knew his nakedness. And to me he saith, 'O wicked woman! What have I done to thee that thou hast deprived me of the glory of Alahayim?'

"And in that same hour, we heard the archangel Michael blowing his trumpet and calling to the angels and saying: 'thus saith Adonoye, Come with me to paradise and hear the judgment with which I shall judge Adam.’ “And when Alahayim appeared in paradise, mounted on the chariot of his cherubim with the angels proceeding before him and singing hymns of praises, all the plants of paradise, both of your father's lot and mine, broke out into flowers. And the throne of Alahayim was fixed where the Tree of Life was. 


"And Alahayem called Adam saying, 'Adam, where art thou? Can the house be hidden from the presence of its builder?' Then your father answered: 'It is not because we think not to be found by thee, Adonoye, that we hide, but I was afraid, because I am naked, and I was ashamed before thy might, my Master.' Alahayim saith to him, 'who showed thee that thou art naked, unless thou hast forsaken my commandment, ?' Then Adam called to mind the word which I spoke to him, saying, 'I will make thee secure before Alahayim'; and he turned and said to me: 'Why hast thou done this?' And I said, 'The serpent deceived me.' 

"Alahayim saith to Adam: 'Since thou hast disregarded my commandment and hast harkened to thy wife, cursed is the earth in thy labors." 'Thou shalt work it and it shall not give its strength: thorns and thistles shall spring up for thee, and in the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat thy bread. Thou shalt be in manifold toils; thou shalt be crushed by bitterness, but of sweetness shalt thou not taste. “Weary shalt thou be and shalt not rest; by heat shalt thou be tired, by cold shalt thou be straightened: abundantly shalt thou busy thyself, but thou shalt not be rich; and thou shalt grow fat, but come to no end. “The beasts, over whom thou didst rule, shall rise up in rebellion against thee, for thou hast not kept my commandment.'

"And Adonoye turned to me and said: '
Since thou hast harkened to the serpent, and turned a deaf ear to my

commandment, thou shalt be in throes of travail and intolerable agonies; thou shalt bear children in much trembling, and in one hour thou shalt come to the birth, and lose thy life, from thy sore trouble and anguish. But thou shalt confess and say: “Adonoye, Adonoye, save me, and I will turn no more to the sin of the flesh." And on this account, from thine own words I will judge thee, by reason of the enmity which the enemy has

planted in thee.'

  • (Wives take good courage not to go against the commands of Ahayah as our the first woman did. We also get understanding as to why a woman will be saved in childbearing.  (I Tim 2: 15)  When she is brought to the gates of death in childbearing, she pleads for her life to the Lord offering to be obedient and not obey the lusts of the flesh if she is saved. When He spares her life as she asked, "if she continues in faith, charity, and holiness with sobriety" as she attested she would do, she will be saved.)

1Ti 2:15

Notwithstanding she shall be saved in childbearing, if they continue in faith and charity and holiness with sobriety.


  • The precept in Apocalypse of Moses to understand Paul's letter helps understand the believers were knowledgable of these records in those times. The woman shall be saved if she abide in the fruits of the Spirit according to her oath.

  • The first woman gave her admonition for all mankind to honor our mother and keep her commandment for us:


"Now then, my children, I have shown you the way in which we were deceived; and do ye guard yourselves from transgressing against the good."