The Law of  Yache's Church and FAQ

The Apostles of Yache admonished us to operate according to the ordinances given unto them from Yache, hence we have been compelled by the hope of glory in Adono Yache to walk according to the ordinances with all faithfulness of heart. We, as Ambassadors of Meshiyacha, as though Alahayim did beseech you by us dear reader, we pray you in Meshiyacha's stead, to be reconciled unto Ahayah Alahayim this day, that we may all know one another as brothers and sisters through the Spirit. {II Cor 5:16-21} Yache testified from the onset of his ministry that we who do and teach the least of the commandments shall be called great in the kingdom. {Matt 5:17-19} He also admonished us that if we do not exceed the righteousness of the Pharisees, which is hypocrisy, we shall in no wise enter the kingdom of Heaven.{Matt 5:20;Luk 12:1} With these admonitions, we are persuaded to be doers of the word and not hearers only,{Rom 2:13} that we may be justified by the evidence of our faith through our good works {Jam 2:18,21-26}, and counted worthy to partake in the great hope of his calling. For knowing this, that if we live without law or transgress knowing of the law, we shall perish {Rom 2:12}. We are persuaded with fear and trembling to seek out our salvation with simplicity of heart and patience. {Php 2:12; Luke 8:15} The law is spiritual, and holy, and the commandment is holy and good. {Rom 7:14,10,12} Therefore, we know that if we abide in the law by faith, we shall be walking in the fruits of the Spirit, since the fruits are in all righteousness, goodness, and truth, which is exemplifying Holiness.{Eph 5:9} By the righteousness of the law, we see the end/goal of the law is Yache, the Image of Alahayim, to all of us who believe. {Rom 10:4} This is because the more righteous we become by keeping the law, the more we get closer to being the full image of Alahayim {Eph 4:12-13} and it is Yache in us who is strengthening and leading us unto the Image of Alahayim. {Col 1:24-28} Therefore we run toward the mark and goal of righteousness in Yache, putting off our past sins, and pressing toward the mark of perfection by the spirit of Yache in us {Php 3:8-14}. This mindset is in the hearts of those who are perfect hearted {Php 2:15}, and if this mindset be not in you, may Ahayah be pleased by the blood of his son Yache to reveal it unto you. Also, the end goal of the commandment is Charity as well, {I Tim 1:5} which is the bond of perfectness, {Col 3:14} the seal that we belong to Ahayah (because Alahayim is love),{1 Jn 4:8} with a pure heart, {1 Tim 1:5} (which is sincerity and humility), and a good conscience {1 tim 1:5} knowing that we have stopped sinning and kept the law and fruits of the Spirit faithfully as a living sacrifice unto Alahayim,{Rom 12:1-2}, and faith unfeigned, which is the enduring of all afflictions and tribulations in the name of Yache for the hope to be as Yache.  For we who have believed on him ought to suffer with him and cease from sin by his sacrifice for us that we should no longer live our life according to our lust, but rather we shall live a life unto the glory of Alahayim {1 Pet 4:1-2}. We are confident that if we suffer resisting sin unto the death of our former selves and deeds, that we may be made a new creature by Yache {II Cor 5:17} and partake in his death, then indeed we shall also live eternally with him. {II Tim 2:11} If any person who deems it not needed to obey the Voice of Ahayah Alahayim and walk according to the sound doctrine and good admonition of the servants of Alahayim, may such an one reconsider such thoughts, because those who did not obey the law of Moses died under two or three witnesses, therefore how much greater punishment shall await us if we trod under foot the blood and sacrifice of the Son of Alahayim? May Ahayah touch your heart dear brothers and sisters to be willing and obedient {Isa 1:19} in all things, unto all things pleasing {Col 1:10} to glory of Ahayah Alahayim. {I Cor 10:31}