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A Righteous Church Example

1 Clem. prologue:1

The Church of Alahayim which sojourneth in Rome to the Church of Alahayim which sojourneth in Corinth, to them which are called and sanctified by the will of Alahayim through our Adono Yache Meshiyacha. Grace to you and peace from Almighty Alahayim through Yache Meshiyacha be multiplied.
1 Clem. 1:2

For who that had sojourned among you did not approve your most virtuous and steadfast faith? Who did not admire your sober and forbearing piety in Meshiyacha? Who did not publish abroad your magnificent disposition of hospitality? Who did not congratulate you on your perfect and sound knowledge?
1 Clem. 1:3

For ye did all things without respect of persons, and ye walked after the ordinances of Alahayim, submitting yourselves to your rulers and rendering to the older men among you the honor which is their due. On the young too ye enjoined modest and seemly thoughts: and the women ye charged to perform all their duties in a blameless and seemly and pure conscience, cherishing their own husbands, as is meet; and ye taught them to keep in the rule of obedience, and to manage the affairs of their household in seemliness, with all discretion.
1 Clem. 2:1

And ye were all lowly in mind and free from arrogance, yielding rather than claiming submission, more glad to give than to receive, and content with the provisions which Alahayim supplieth. And giving heed unto His words, ye laid them up diligently in your hearts, and His sufferings were before your eyes.
1 Clem. 2:2

Thus a profound and rich peace was given to all, and an insatiable desire of doing good. An abundant outpouring also of the Holy Spirit fell upon all;
1 Clem. 2:3

and, being full of holy counsel, in excellent zeal and with a pious confidence ye stretched out your hands to Almighty Alahayim, supplicating Him to be propitious, if unwillingly ye had committed any sin.
1 Clem. 2:4

Ye had conflict day and night for all the brotherhood, that the number of His elect might be saved with fearfulness and intentness of mind.
1 Clem. 2:5

Ye were sincere and simple and free from malice one towards another.
1 Clem. 2:6

Every sedition and every schism was abominable to you. Ye mourned over the transgressions of your neighbors: ye judged their shortcomings to be your own.

1 Clem. 2:7

Ye repented not of any well-doing, but were ready unto every good work.
1 Clem. 2:8

Being adorned with a most virtuous and honorable life, ye performed all your duties in the fear of Him. The commandments and the ordinances of the Adono were written on the tablets of your hearts.

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