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Why is there division amongst Israelites?
  • Dearly beloved, make no marvel that there are so many division among the Israelites in these times. It was revealed to Isaiah the prophet that contention and hatred would among the Israelites as we draw closer to the Advent of Yache and the end of the world. Here is what was shown to Isaiah, that we may be edified and comforted to know that these events are only confirmation that the word of Alahayim is true and all his words must come to pass. It is also an exhortation to be aware of what part these different religions, sects and groups of Israelites have to play in prophecy to stand aloof from anyone who is not willing and sincerely striving to keep all the commandments, bear all the fruits of the Spirit, and believe on the name of Yache, the son of Ahayah Alahayim.  

Ascension of Isaiah 3:13-31

Asc Isa 3:13.

For Beliar was very angry against Isaiah because of the vision, and because of the exposure with which he had exposed Sammael, and that through him there had been revealed the coming of the Beloved from the seventh heaven, and his transformation, and his descent, and the form into which he must be transformed, namely the form of a man,{John 1:14}, and the persecution with which he would be persecuted, and the torturers with which the children of Israel must torment Him, {Mk 10:33} and the coming of the twelve disciples,{Mtt ch.10} and the teaching {Mk 1:15; I Cor 1:23; I Pet 4:1-2; Rom 12:1-2}, and that before the Sabbath {Lk 23:52-56} he must be crucified on a tree, {Gal 3:13} and be crucified with wicked men, {Mk 15:28} and that He would be buried in a grave, {Lk 23:53}

Asc Is 3:14.

And the twelve who were with Him would be offended at Him:{Mk 14:27} and the guards who would guard the grave;{Mtt 27:65-66}

Asc Is 3:15.

And the descent of the Angel of the Church, which is in the heavens, whom He will summon in the last days.

  • {Rev 21:1-2,9;22:17}The Angel of the Church is the Bride

Asc Is 3:16.

And that Gabriel, and Michael, the chief of the holy angels, will open his grave on the third day, {Lk 24:4}

Asc Is 3:17.

And the Beloved sitting on their shoulders will come forth and send out His twelve disciples; {Lk 24:44-51}

 Asc Is 3:18.

And they will teach all nations and every tongue of the resurrection of the Beloved, and those who believe in His cross will be saved, and in His ascension to the seventh heaven where He came;

 Asc Is 3:19.

And that many who believe in Him will speak through the Holy Spirit: {Acts 2:1-4; 10:44-48}

Asc Is 3:20.

And there will be many signs and miracles in those days. {Acts 3:6-7;4:8-10}

  • All these events came to pass as Isaiah saw, save the Angel of the Church which will come in the last days when Yache summons Her. Now we will see what will be happening as we get close to the time of Yache coming back for our understanding of the times we are living in.

Asc Isa 3:21.

And afterwards, at His approach, His disciples will abandon the teachings of the Twelve Apostles, and their faith, and their love and their purity. 


  • Israelites will not walk in true Christian doctrine according to the teaching of the Apostles:

Asc Isa 3:22.

And there will be much contention at his coming and at His approach.


  • Israel will be divided through carnality {I Cor 3:3} which will cause divisions into groups, camps, sects, denominations, and religions. Yet these divisions must come that those that are true believers may be tried and made manifest {I Cor 11:18}. Mark them well who walk according to the flesh and don't endure the trial in bearing the fruits of the Spirit. {Rom 16:17} They will be misled with every wind of doctrine and questions that lead unto more contention {Tit 3:9} and preaching for contention not sincerity. {Php 1:16}


Asc Isa 3:23.

And in those days there will be many who will love office, though lacking wisdom.


  • Israel will not be wise in the word of righteousness to know the law and fruits for discernment between good and evil. {Heb 5:13-14} Yet for the desire, they will take office though they do not have wisdom. {I Tim 1:7} This was happening in the days of the Apostle Paul as well as he mentioned the same thing to Timothy. Unlearned teachers of Israel tend to subvert believers for the sake of monetary gain {Tit 1:10-11}


Asc Isa 3:24.

And there will be many wicked elders, and shepherds who wrong their sheep, and they will be rapacious because they do not have holy shepherds.


  • Sadly, the wicked elders and shepherds of the Israel are able to violently rob their sheep because there are no holy angels leading them as is manifested by their works in the lust of the flesh and the 12 evil women clad in black. The 12 women from Hermas Parable 9 [15:3] are: Unbelief, Intemperance, Disobedience, Deceit, Sadness, Wickedness, Wantonness, Irascibility, Falsehood, Folly, Slander, Hatred. The lust of the flesh are: Adultery, fornication, uncleanness, lasciviousness, idolatry, witchcraft, hatred, variance, emulations, wrath, strife, seditions, heresies, envyings, murders, drunkenness, revellings, and such like
     deeds. Be on guard that the person you are following isn't walking in one of these spirits to ensure they are being lead by holy shepherds.

Asc Isa 3:25.

And many will exchange the glory of the robes of the saints for the robes of those who love money; and there will be much respect of persons in those days and lovers of the glory of this world.

  • Now we further understand how the love of money is the root of all evil, which some having coveted after, have erred from the faith and pierced themselves through {I Tim 6:10} giving up the robes of the saints. According to prophecy, many of Israel will fall in these things. 


Asc Isa 3:26.

And there will be many slanderers and much vainglory at the approach of the Lord, and the Holy Spirit will withdraw from many.


  • Slandering and vain glory are signs of the unbelievers of Israel and indication to know the Holy Spirit has withdrawn by evidence of the fruits that they are bearing.

Asc Isa 3:27.

And in those days there will not be many prophets, nor those who speak reliable words, except one here and there in different places,

  • By precept, we know there will be the two prophets, the two witnesses, that will be given power to prophesy. This verse helps understand that not all Israel is preaching the truth and not everyone who speaks is reliable. The reason there wont be many prophets or reliable speakers are:

Asc Isa 3:28.

Because of the spirit of error and fornication and of vainglory, and of the love of money, which there will be among those, who are said to be the servants of that One and among those who receive that One. 


  • That One is Satan who shall come in the form of the False Prophet. You will know them by their fruit because a bad tree cannot bring forth good fruit. {Lk 6:43} The children of the Devil are manifest by the works they commit. {I Jn 3:7-10} The elders and shepherd of Israel that aren't walking in the teachings of the Apostles with the faith, love, and purity they had, are among those who receive Satan:  

Asc Isa 3:29.

And among the shepherds and the elders there will be great hatred towards one another. 


  • The spirit of Hatred is a token of who the servants of Satan are among the Shepherds and elders through anger and hastiness.

    • Shepard of Hermas Mandate 5 [1{33}:3] But if any angry temper approach, forthwith the Holy Spirit, being delicate, is straigtened, not having the place clear, and seeketh to retire from the place; for she is being choked by the evil spirit, and has no room to minister unto Ahayah, as she desireth, being polluted by angry temper. For Ahayah dwelleth in long-suffering, but the devil in angry temper.

    • Testament of Gad 6:7 For the spirit of hatred worketh together with Satan, through hastiness of spirit, in all things to men's death; but the spirit of love worketh together with the law of Alahayim in long-suffering unto the salvation of men.

  • Be mindful of Shepherds or elders who are given to angry temper because the devil works in it and hastiness of spirit because the spirit of hatred works through it.


Asc Isa 3:30.

For there will be great jealousy in the last days; for every one will speak whatever pleases him in his own eyes. 

  • Out of Jealousy, everyone will speak what pleases them establishing their own righteousness and not submitting themselves to the righteousness of Alahayim (Rom 10:1-4) taught by his Apostles and prophets. For a differentiation, the disciples of the Lord will speak according to the Law and Testimony (Isa 8:20) by precept (Isa 28:9-10) with grace seasoned with salt (Col 4:6) not corrupt communication (obscene language) that it may minister grace to the hearers (Eph 4:29) to turn them from their evil way and doings. (Jer 23:22) On the other hand, servants of "that One" will speak whatever pleases him in his own eyes.  Lyin prophets strengthen the hands of evil doers (Jer 23:15) by telling them they shall have peace and no evil shall come upon them though they walk after the imaginations of their own hearts. (Jer 23:17) The key is to be sure what the person is walking and teaching according to the law, testimonies and fruits of the Spirit to differentiate the servants of "that One" from the servants of the Lord

Asc Is 3:31.

And they will make ineffective the prophecy of the prophets who were before me, and my visions also, the two witnesses after me will they make ineffective, in order that they may speak what bursts out of their own heart.


  • When the two witnesses are given power to prophesy for 1260 days. Just as Moses and Aaron was sent in the days of Egypt, {Psa 105:26; 77:20} so shall these two witnesses be sent in these last days because Ahayah said he will bring his people out of Egypt as he did before.{ II Esdras 15:10-11} The two witnesses will preach the True Gospel before the end comes {Matt 24:14}  from the Pillar in Egypt, {Isaiah 19:19} which is the Church. {I Tim 3:15} The unrighteous of Israel shall make the truth of the Gospel they preach ineffective by seducing spirits and doctrines of devils as the Spirit fortold {1 Tim 4:1}  in order to preach what bursts out of their own hearts. All things must be fulfilled, and the words of Isaiah aren't falling to the ground as we see the divisions, contention, and unsound doctrines amongst the Israelites in their respective religions. The People of Ahayah, believers of the Jews and Gentiles, must all be tried and perfected through the furnace of adversity {Ecclesiasticus 2:1-5} and the heresies to come will make manifest those who are approved of the Lord. {1 Cor 11:19} Please reference the scriptures provided in this tab to help in understanding the prophecies and admonitions of Lord Yache. We hope you have gained understanding of why there are division among the Israelites.  It is a grief of heart what is happening among the Israelites our brethren according to the flesh, yet we take heed to these things lest we fall for we are no better in no wise. {Rom 3:9} For we have all sinned and come short of the glory of Alahayim, {Rom 3:23} so we must be diligent to awake to righteousness and sin not {1 Cor 15:34} and not to be found reprobate thinking that we have already attained or that the same thing cannot happen to us. {I Cor 9:27: II Pet 3:17} For we must keep in mind that we ought not to think because we are Abraham's seed we shall be saved, for Alahayim is able of the stones to raise up seed unto Abraham. {Matt 3:9} We must also bring forth fruits worthy of repentance. {Matt 3:8} It is humbling to know that we have the same fate that awaits us if we turn away from the faith unto the lust of the flesh. We hope this was edifying through precepts to increase your faith in Yache and the knowledge of Ahayah Alahayim.

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