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The Places of Isaiah 11:11

Isa 11:10 

And in that day there shall be a root of Jesse, which shall stand for an ensign of the people; to it shall the Gentiles seek: and his rest shall be glorious. 

Isa 11:11 

And it shall come to pass in that day, that the Lord shall set his hand again the second time to recover the remnant of his people, which shall be left, from Assyria, and from Egypt, and from Pathros, and from Cush, and from Elam, and from Shinar, and from Hamath, and from the islands of the sea. 

The modern day locations are as follows:

  • Assyria: Northern Iraq on the East of the Tigris River, East Turkey on the East of the Euphrates River, Armenia, Azerbaijan.

  • Egypt/Pathros: All of modern day Egypt, Lower Egypt & Upper Egypt.

  • Cush: Sudan, South Sudan, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Somalia, Djabuti

  • Elam: Iran, Afganistan, Pakistan, India, Turkmenistan, Tajikstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgystan.

  • Shinar: Babil, Iraq

  • Hamath: Hamah, Syria.

  • Islands of the Sea: the islands of the Mediterranean Sea {Cyprus, Crete, Corsica, Sardinia, Sicily, Rhodes, Balearic Islands, etc}


You can also refer to the lesson “After America, where do we go?”:


  • The scriptures confirm that these are the locations the believers of the children of Israel must flee to because the Lord will assemble the outcasts of Israel and Judah from the four corners of the Earth, which are the lands allotted to the sons of Noah, to these places of Isaiah 11:11. For understanding the lands of the Sons of Noah, according to Jubilees chapter 8:

  1. Ham received all of Africa and the Sinai Peninsuls up to the River Wadi El Arish in the Sinai Peninsula.

  2. Shem received the Middle East from the east of the River Wadi El Arish and it extends all the way to India’s Ganges River. His land goes up to Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia and Azerbaijan to the North.

  3. Japheth received all of Europe, UK, the Islands of the Mediterranean sea (excluding Cyprus), North Asia, East Asia and Southeast Asia (basically all Asia excluding the land of Shem).

Jubilees 8:9-30

9. And they divided it secretly amongst themselves, and told it to Noah.

10. And it came to pass in the beginning of the thirty-seventh jubilee [1801 A.M.] that they divided the earth into three parts, for Shem and Ham and Japheth, according to the inheritance of each, in the first year in the first week, when one of us who had been sent, was with them.

11. And he called his sons, and they drew nigh to him, they and their children, and he divided the earth into the lots, which his three sons were to take in possession, and they reached forth their hands, and took the writing out of the bosom of Noah, their father. 

The Land of Shem

12. And there came forth on the writing as Shem's lot the middle of the earth which he should take as an inheritance for himself and for his sons for the generations of eternity, from the middle of the mountain range of Rafa, (Himalayas, Kunlun Shan, Tian Shan)  from the mouth of the water from the river Tina,(Ganges River) and his portion goes towards the west through the midst of this river, and it extends till it reaches the water of the abysses, out of which this river goes forth and pours its waters into the sea Me'at, (Sea of Bengal, Indian Ocean) and this river flows into the great sea. And all that is towards the north is Japheth's, and all that is towards the south belongs to Shem.

13. And it extends till it reaches Karaso: (Center of the Sinai Peninsula) this is in the bosom of the tongue which looks towards the south.

14. And his portion extends along the great sea, (Mediteranean Sea) and it extends in a straight line till it reaches the west of the tongue which looks towards the south: (the tongue is the Sinai Peninsula) for this sea is named the tongue of the Egyptian Sea. (the 7 streams of the Nile Delta)

15. And it turns from here towards the south towards the mouth of the great sea on the shore of (its) waters, and it extends to the west to 'Afra, (Pharos Island) and it extends till it reaches the waters of the river Gihon, and to the south of the waters of Gihon, (Nile River) to the banks of this river.

16. And it extends towards the east, till it reaches the Garden of Eden, to the south thereof, [to the south] and from the east of the whole land of Eden and of the whole east, it turns to the east and proceeds till it reaches the east of the mountain named Rafa, (Mt. Everest) and it descends to the bank of the mouth of the river Tina. (Ganges River)

17. This portion came forth by lot for Shem and his sons, that they should possess it forever unto his generations forevermore.

18. And Noah rejoiced that this portion came forth for Shem and for his sons, and he remembered all that he had spoken with his mouth in prophecy; for he had said: 'Blessed be AHAYAH Alahayim of Shem And may AHAYAH dwell in the dwelling of Shem.'

19. And he knew that the Garden of Eden is the Holy of Holies, and the dwelling of AHAYAH, and Mount Sinai the center of the desert, and Mount Zion -the center of the navel of the earth: these three were created as Holy places facing each other.

20. And he blessed Alahayim of alahayims, who had put the Word of AHAYAH into his mouth, and AHAYAH forevermore.

21. And he knew that a blessed portion and a blessing had come to Shem and his sons unto the generations forever -the whole land of Eden and the whole land of the Red Sea,(Arabian Peninsula) and the whole land of the east (Arabia, Parts of Syria, and Mesopotamia) and India, and on the Red Sea and the mountains thereof, and all the land of Bashan, and all the land of Lebanon and the islands of Kaftur,(Cyprus) and all the mountains of Sanir (Mt. Hermon) and 'Amana, (Amanus Mtns) and the mountains of Asshur in the north, and all the land of Elam (Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan) Asshur, (Northern Iraq on the East of the Tigris River, East Turkey on the East of the Euphrates River, Armenia, Azerbaijan) and Babel,(Babil, Iraq)  and Susan (Shush, Iran) and Ma'edai, (North Iran) and all the mountains of Ararat, and all the region beyond the sea, which is beyond the mountains of Asshur towards the north, a blessed and spacious land, and all that is in it is very good.




















The Land of Ham

22. And for Ham came forth the second portion, beyond the Gihon (Nile River) towards the south to the right of the Garden, and it extends towards the south and it extends to all the mountains of fire,(East Africa Rift Zone)  and it extends towards the west to the sea of 'Atel (South Atlantic Ocean) and it extends towards the west till it reaches the sea of Ma'uk (North Atlantic Ocean) -that (sea) into which everything which is not destroyed descends.

23. And it goes forth towards the north to the limits of Gadir, (Strait of Cadiz/Agadir, Morrocco/Gades, Spain) and it goes forth to the coast of the waters of the sea to the waters of the great sea (Mediterranean Sea) till it draws near to the river Gihon,(Nile) and goes along the river Gihon till it reaches the right of the Garden of Eden.

24. And this is the land which came forth for Ham as the portion which he was to occupy forever for himself and his sons unto their generations forever.





The Land of Japheth

25. And for Japheth came forth the third portion beyond the river Tina (Ganges) to the north of the outflow of its waters, and it extends north-easterly to the whole region of Gog, (China is the region of Mountains) and to all the country east thereof. (all countries East and north east of the Ganges river. SE and S. Asia)

26. And it extends northerly to the north, (N. Asia) and it extends to the mountains of Qelt (Ural Mtns)  towards the north, and towards the sea of Ma'uk, (N. Atlantic Ocean) and it goes forth to the east of Gadir (Strait of Cadiz/Gades, Spain) as far as the region of the waters of the sea. (Mediterranean Sea)

27. And it extends until it approaches the west of Fara (Pharos Island) and it returns towards 'Aferag,(Turkey/Phrygia) and it extends easterly to the waters of the sea of Me'at. (Sea of Bengal, Indian Ocean)

28. And it extends to the region of the river Tina in a north-easterly direction until it approaches the boundary of its waters towards the mountain Rafa, (Mt. Everest) and it turns round towards the north.

29. This is the land which came forth for Japheth and his sons as the portion of his inheritance which he should possess for himself and his sons, for their generations forever; five great islands, and a great land in the north.



The Lands of Noah's Children

30. But it is cold, (Europe/Asia) and the land of Ham (Africa) is hot, and the land of Shem (Middle East to India) is neither hot nor cold, but it is of blended cold and heat.

  • The allotment of the sons of Noah show that “the four corners of the earth” are referring to Europe, U.K., all Asia, Middle East, Africa, and Isles of the Mediterranean Sea. Jasher 10:2-4 is the precept to understand the four corners of the earth are the lands of Shem, Ham, and Japheth.

Jasher 10:2 

And when AHAYAH had scattered the sons of men on account of their sin at the tower, behold they spread forth into many divisions, and all the sons of men were dispersed into the four corners of the earth.

  • The lands of the sons of Noah is the four corners of the earth because that is where the sons of men were dispersed to after the tower of Babel according to the records of Jub 10:27-36 and Jasher 10:2-4.

Jubilee 10:27-28,35

27 In the seventh week in the first year in the beginning thereof in the fortieth jubilee, were they dispersed from the land of Shinar (Babil, Iraq).

28 And Ham and his sons went into the land, which he was to occupy, which he acquired as his portion in the land of the south. (all Africa south west of the river Wadi El Arish in Sinai Peninsula)

35 And Japheth and his sons went towards the sea and dwelt in the land of their portion, and Madai saw the land of the sea and it did not please him, and he begged a (portion) from Elam and Asshur and Arpachshad, his wife's brother, and he dwelt in the land of Media, near to his wife's brother until this day.

Jasher 10:3.

And all the families became each according to its language, its land, or its city.

Jasher 10:4.

And the sons of men built many cities according to their families, in all the places where they went, and throughout the earth where AHAYAH had scattered them.


  • The precepts help understand that the four corners of the earth that Isaiah 11:12 is referring to are locations within the lands of the sons of Noah and more specifically the places mentioned in Isaiah 11:11 because those places are all within the lands of the sons of Noah.

Isa 11:12 

And he shall set up an ensign for the nations, and shall assemble the outcasts of Israel, and gather together the dispersed of Judah from the four corners of the earth


 All Israel who believe the Gospel, fear Alahayim and/or seek to save their soul must get to the places of Isaiah 11:11 within the 1260 days of the preaching of the Gospel if you reside outside of North America.

For all nations in North America, we advise you to prepare leave before the appointed time which Alahayim will reveal according to his pleasure. We are not saying no one will be able to depart after, but we are not held responsible for what may happen past that time frame.

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