Laws of Uncleanness: Dead bodies/Burial Laws
  • The laws and proper burial rites have been established since the 930th year from the creation of the world when Adam died.

Book of Adam and Chiuwah

The Death of Adam


After Adam was nine hundred and thirty years old, since he knew that his days were coming to an end, he said: "Let all my sons assemble themselves to me, that I may bless them before I die, and speak with them." And they were assembled in three parts, before his sight, in the house of prayer, where they used to worship AHAYAH Alahayim. And they asked him, saying: "What concerns thee, father, that thou shouldst assemble us, and why dost thou lie on thy bed?" Then Adam answered and said: "My sons, I am sick and in pain." And all his sons said to him: "What does it mean, father, this illness and pain?"


Then said Seth, his son: "O my Adono, perchance thou hast longed after the fruit of paradise, which thou wast wont to eat, and therefore thou liest in sadness? Tell me and I will go to the nearest gates of paradise and put dust on my head and throw myself down on the earth before the gates of paradise and lament and make entreaty to Alahayim with loud lamentation; perchance he will hearken to me and send his angel to bring me the fruit, for which thou hast longed." Adam answered and said: "No, my son, I do not long for this, but I feel weakness and great pain in my body." Seth answered, "What is pain, my Adono father? I am ignorant; but hide it not from us, but tell us about it."


And Adam answered and said: "Hear me, my sons. When Alahayim made us, me and your mother, and placed us in paradise and gave us every tree bearing fruit to eat, he laid a prohibition on us concerning the tree of knowledge of good and evil, which is in the midst of paradise; saying, 'Do not eat of it.' But Alahayim gave a part of paradise to me and a part to your mother: the trees of the eastern part and north, which is over against Aquilo, he gave to me, and to your mother he gave the part of the south and the western part.


Moreover Alahayim AHAYAH gave us two angels to guard us. The hour came when the angels had ascended to worship in the sight of Alahayim; forthwith the adversary (the devil) found an opportunity while the angels were absent and the devil led your mother astray to eat of the unlawful and forbidden tree. And she did eat and gave to me.


And immediately, AHAYAH Alahayim was wroth with us, and AHAYAH said to me: "In that thou hast left behind my commandment and hast not kept my word, which I confirmed to thee; behold, I will bring upon thy body seventy blows; with divers griefs shalt thou be tormented, beginning at thy head and thine eyes and thine ears down to thy nails on thy toes, and in every separate limb." These hath Alahayim appointed for chastisement. All these things hath AHAYAH sent to me and to all our race.


Thus spake Adam to his sons, and he was seized with violent pains, and he cried out with a loud voice, "What shall I do? I am in distress. So cruel are the pains with which I am beset." And when Chiuwah had seen him weeping, she also began to weep herself, and said: "O AHAYAH my Alahayim, hand over to me his pain, for it is I who sinned." And Chiuwah said to Adam: "My Adono, give me a part of thy pains, for this hath come to thee from fault of mine."


And Adam said to Chiuwah: "Rise up and go with my son Seth to the neighborhood of paradise, and put dust on your heads and throw yourselves on the ground and lament in the sight of Alahayim. Perchance He will have pity upon you and send His angel across to the tree of His mercy, whence floweth the oil of life, and will give you a drop of it, to anoint me with it, that I may have rest from these pains, by which I am being consumed."


Then Seth and his mother went off toward the gates of paradise. And while they were walking, lo! suddenly there came a beast (a serpent) and attacked and bit Seth. And as soon as Chiuwah saw it, she wept and said: "Alas, wretched woman that I am. I am accursed since I have not kept the commandment of Alahayim." And Chiuwah said to the serpent in a loud voice: "Accursed beast! How is it that thou hast not feared to let thyself loose against the image of Alahayim, but hast dared to fight with it?"


The beast answered in the language of men: "Is it not against you, Chiuwah, that our malice is directed? Are not ye the objects of our rage? Tell me, Chiuwah, how was thy mouth opened to eat of the fruit? But now if I shall begin to reprove thee thou canst not bear it."


Then said Seth to the beast: "Alahayim AHAYAH revile thee. Be silent, be dumb, shut thy mouth, accursed enemy of Truth, confounder and destroyer. Avaunt from the image of Alahayim till the day when AHAYAH Alahayim shall order thee to be brought to the ordeal." And the beast said to Seth: "See, I leave the presence of the image of Alahayim, as thou hast said." Forthwith he left Seth, wounded by his teeth.


But Seth and his mother walked to the regions of paradise for the oil of mercy to anoint the sick Adam: and they arrived at the gates of paradise, and they took dust from the earth and placed it on their heads, and bowed themselves with their faces to the earth, and began to lament and make loud moaning, imploring AHAYAH Alahayim to pity Adam in his pains and to send His angel to give them the oil from the "tree of His mercy."


But when they had been praying and imploring for many hours, behold, the angel Michael appeared to them and said: "I have been sent to you from AHAYAH — I am set by Alahayim over the bodies of men — I tell thee, Seth, thou man of Alahayim, weep not nor pray and entreat on account of the oil of the tree of mercy to anoint thy father Adam for the pains of his body.


"For I tell thee that in no wise wilt thou be able to receive thereof save in the last days." [When five thousand seventy years have been fulfilled, then will come upon earth the most beloved king Meshiyacha, the son of Alahayim, to revive the body of Adam and with him to revive the bodies of the dead. When He comes will be baptized in the river of Jordan, and when He hath come out of the water of Jordan, then He will anoint from the oil of mercy all that believe in Him. And the oil of mercy shall be for generation to generation for those who are ready to be born again of water and the Holy Spirit to life eternal. Then the most beloved Son of Alahayim, Meshiyacha, descending on earth, shall lead thy father Adam to Paradise to the tree of mercy.


"But do thou, Seth, go to thy father Adam, since the time of his life is fulfilled. Six days hence his soul shall go off his body, and when it shall have gone out thou shalt see great marvels in the heaven and in the earth and the luminaries of heaven." With these words, straightway Michael departed from Seth. And Chiuwah and Seth returned bearing with them herbs of fragrance, i.e., nard and crocus and calamus and cinnamon. (It is customary to anoint dead in fragrances.)


And when Seth and his mother had reached Adam, they told him, how the beast (the serpent) bit Seth. And Adam said to Chiuwah: "What hast thou done? A great plague hast thou brought upon us, transgression and sin for all our generations: and this which thou hast done, tell thy children after my death, for those who arise from us shall toil and fail but they shall be wanting and curse us and say, All evils have our parents brought upon us, who were at the beginning." When Chiuwah heard these words, she began to weep and moan.


And just as Michael the archangel had foretold, after six days came Adam's death. When Adam perceived that the hour of his death was at hand, he said to all his sons: "Behold, I am nine hundred and thirty years old, and if I die, bury me toward the sunrising in the field of yonder dwelling." And it came to pass that when he had finished all his discourse, he gave up the spirit.


Then was the sun darkened and the moon and the stars for seven days, and Seth in his mourning embraced from above the body of his father, and Chiuwah was looking on the ground with hands folded over her head, and all her children wept most bitterly. And behold, there appeared Michael the angel and stood at the head of Adam, and said to Seth: "Rise up from the body of thy father and come to me and see what is the doom of AHAYAH Alahayim concerning him. His creature is he, and Alahayim hath pitied him."


And all the angels blew their trumpets, and cried: "Blessed art thou, O AHAYAH, for thou hast had pity on Thy creature."


Then Seth saw the hand of Alahayim stretched out holding Adam, and he handed him over to Michael, saying: "Let him be in thy charge till the day of Judgment in punishment, till the last years when I will convert his sorrow into joy. Then shall he sit on the throne of him who hath been his supplanter." And AHAYAH said again to the angels Michael and Uriel: "Bring me three linen clothes of byssus, and spread them out over Adam, and other linen clothes over Abel his son, and bury Adam and Abel his son." And all the "powers" of angels marched before Adam, and the sleep of the dead was consecrated. And the angels Michael and Uriel buried Adam and Abel in the parts of paradise, before the eyes of Seth and his mother and no one else, and Michael and Uriel said: "Just as ye have seen, in like manner, bury your dead." (Here we have the institution of how to bury the dead.)


Six days after, Adam died; and Chiuwah perceived that she would die, so she assembled all her sons and daughters, Seth with thirty brothers and thirty sisters, and Chiuwah said to all: "Hear me, my children, and I will tell you what the archangel Michael said to us when I and your father transgressed the command of Alahayim. "On account of your transgression, our Adonoye will bring upon your race the anger of his judgment, first by water, the second time by fire; by these two, will AHAYAH judge the whole human race.


"But harken unto me, my children. Make ye then tables of stone and others of clay, and write on them all my life and your father's, all that ye have heard and seen from us. If by water AHAYAH judge our race, the tables of clay will be dissolved and the tables of stone will remain; but if by fire, the tables of stone will be broken up and the tables of clay will be baked hard."5When Chiuwah had said all this to her children, she spread out her hands to heaven in prayer, and bent her knees to the earth, and while she worshiped AHAYAH and gave him thanks, she gave up the ghost. Thereafter, all her children buried her with loud lamentation.


When they had been mourning four days, then Michael the archangel appeared and said to Seth: "Man of Alahayim, mourn not for thy dead more than six days, for on the seventh day is the sign of  resurrection and the rest of the age to come; on the seventh day Ahayah rested from all His works.” Thereupon Seth made the tables.(Here we get the understanding of why we are not to mourn on the Sabbath day.)

The Apocalypse of Moses

Chapter 31

And when Chiuwah had said this in the midst of her sons, while Adam was lying ill and bound to die after a single day from the sickness which had fastened upon him, she saith to him: "How is it that thou diest and I live, or how long have I to live after thou art dead? Tell me." And Adam saith to her: "Reck not of this, for thou tarriest not after me, but even both of us are to die together. And she shall lie in my place. But when I die, anoint me and let no man touch me till the angel of AHAYAH shall speak somewhat concerning me. For Alahayim will not forget me, but will seek His own creature; and now arise rather and pray to Alahayim till I give up my spirit into His hands who gave it to me. For we know not how we are to meet our Maker, whether He be wroth with us, or be merciful and intend to pity and receive us."

The Vision of Chiuwah


And Chiuwah rose up and went outside and fell on the ground, and began to say: "I have sinned, O Alahayim, I have sinned, O Alahayim of All, I have sinned against Thee. I have sinned against the elect angels. I have sinned against the Cherubim. I have sinned against Thy fearful and unshakable Throne. I have sinned before Thee, and all sin hath begun through my doing in the creation." Even thus prayed Chiuwah on her knees; and behold, the angel of humanity came to her, and raised her up and said: "Rise up, Chiuwah, from thy penitence, for behold, Adam thy husband hath gone out of his body. Rise up and behold his spirit borne aloft to his Maker." (The angel of humanity is Michael)


And Chiuwah rose up and wiped off her tears with her hand, and the angel saith to her, "Lift up thyself from the earth." And she gazed steadfastly into heaven, and beheld a chariot of light, borne by four bright eagles, and it were impossible for any man born of woman to tell the glory of them or behold their face — and angels going before the chariot — and when they came to the place where your father Adam was, the chariot halted and the Seraphim. And I beheld golden censers, between your father and the chariot, and all the angels with censers and frankincense came in haste to the incense-offering and blew upon it and the smoke of the incense veiled the firmaments. And the angels fell down and worshiped Alahayim, crying aloud and saying, "Jael, Holy One, have pardon, for he is Thy image, and the work of Thy holy hands."


"And I, Chiuwah, beheld two great and fearful wonders standing in the presence of Alahayim and I wept for fear, and I cried aloud to my son Seth and said, 'Rise up, Seth, from the body of thy father Adam, and come to me, and thou shalt see a spectacle which no man's eye hath yet beheld.' 


Then Seth arose and came to his mother and to her he saith: "What is thy trouble? Why weepest thou?" And she saith to him: "Look up and see with thine eyes the seven heavens opened, and see how the soul of thy father lies on its face and all the holy angels are praying on his behalf and saying: 'Pardon him, Father of All, for he is Thine image.' Pray, my child Seth, what shall this mean? And will he one day be delivered into the hands of the Invisible Father, even our Alahayim? But who are the two negroes who stand by at the prayers for thy father Adam?"


And Seth telleth his mother, that they are the sun and moon and themselves fall down and pray on behalf of my father Adam. Chiuwah saith to him: "And where is their light and why have they taken on such a black appearance?" And Seth answereth her, "The light hath not left them, but they can not shine before the Light of the Universe, the Father of Light; and on this account their light hath been hidden from them."

The Burial Services


Now while Seth was saying this to his mother, lo, an angel blew the trumpet, and there stood up all the angels and they were lying on their faces, and they cried aloud in an awful voice and said: "Blessed be the glory of AHAYAH from the works of His making, for He hath pitied Adam the creature of His hands." But when the angels had said these words, lo, there came one of the seraphim with six wings and snatched up Adam and carried him off to the Acherusian lake, and washed him thrice, in the presence of Alahayim. (Adam was baptized because without baptism we cannot be saved. This lake is near the city of Christ { Apoc of paul 22.)


And Alahayim saith to him: "Adam, what hast thou done? If thou hadst kept my commandment, there would now be no rejoicing among those who are bringing thee down to this place. Yet, I tell thee that I will turn their joy to grief and thy grief will I turn to joy, and I will transform thee to thy former glory, and set thee on the throne of thy deceiver. But he shall be cast into this place to see thee sitting above him, then he shall be condemned and they that heard him, and he shall be grieved sore when he seeth thee sitting on his honorable throne." (The redemption of mankind was promised to those who obey from a long time ago. The devil is doomed to the pit just as it says in Isaiah 14:12-15 along with anyone who listens to him.)


And he stayed there three hours, lying down, and thereafter the Father of all, sitting on his holy throne, stretched out his hand, and took Adam and handed him over to the archangel Michael, saying: "Lift him up into paradise unto the third Heaven, and leave him there until that fearful day of my reckoning, which I will make in the world." Then Michael took Adam and left him where Alahayim told him. 


But after all this, the archangel asked concerning the laying out of the remains. And Alahayim commanded that all the angels should assemble in His presence, each in his order, and all the angels assembled, some having censers in their hands, and others trumpets. And lo!  "AHAYAH of Hosts" came on, and four winds drew Him, and cherubim mounted on the winds and the angels from heaven escorting Him, and they came on the earth, where was the body of Adam. And they came to paradise, and all the leaves of paradise were stirred so that all men begotten of Adam slept from the fragrance save Seth alone, because he was born "according to the appointment of Alahayim." Then Adam's body lay there in paradise on the earth, and Seth grieved exceedingly over him. (The elect of Alahayim were appointed from the beginning Eph 1:4-5)


Then Alahayim spake to the archangels Michael, Gabriel, Uriel, and Raphael: "Go away to paradise in the third heaven, and strew linen clothes, and cover the body of Adam, and bring oil of the 'oil of fragrance' and pour it over him." And they acted thus, did the three great angels, and they prepared him for burial. And Alahayim said: "Let the body of Abel also be brought." And they brought other linen clothes and prepared his body also. For he was unburied since the day when Cain his brother slew him; for wicked Cain took great pains to conceal him, but could not, for the earth would not receive him, for the body sprang up from the earth, and a voice went out of the earth, saying: "I will not receive a companion body till the earth which was taken and fashioned in me cometh to me." At that time the angels took it and placed it on a rock till Adam his father was buried. And both were buried, according to the commandment of Alahayim, in the spot where Alahayim found the dust, and He caused the place to be dug for two. And Alahayim sent seven angels to paradise and they brought many fragrant spices and placed them in the earth, and they took the two bodies placed them in the spot which they had digged and builded.


And Alahayim called and said, "Adam, Adam." And the body answered from the earth and said: "Here am I, Adonoye." And Alahayim saith to him: "I told thee that earth thou art and to earth shalt thou return. Again I promise to thee the Resurrection; I will raise thee up in the Resurrection with every man, who is of thy seed."


After these words, Alahayim made a seal and sealed the tomb, that no one might do anything to him for six days till his rib should return to him. Then AHAYAH and his angels went to their place. And Chiuwah also, when the six days were fulfilled, fell asleep. But while she was living, she wept bitterly about Adam's falling on sleep, for she knew not where he was laid. For when AHAYAH came to paradise to bury Adam she was asleep, and her sons too, except Seth, till He bade Adam be prepared for burial; and no man knew on earth, except her son Seth. And Chiuwah prayed (in the hour of her death) that she might be buried in the place where her husband Adam was. And after she had finished her prayer, she saith: "AHAYAH, Adono, Alahayim of all rule, estrange not me thy handmaid from the body of Adam, for from his members didst thou make me. But deem me worthy, even me unworthy that I am and a sinner, to enter into his tabernacle, even as I was with him in paradise, both without separation from each other; just as in our transgressions we were both led astray and transgressed thy command, but were not separated. Even so, AHAYAH, do not separate us now." But after she had prayed she gazed heavenward and groaned aloud and smote her breast and said: "Alahayim of All, receive my spirit," and straightway she delivered up her spirit to Alahayim.


And Michael came and taught Seth how to prepare Chiuwah for burial. And there came three angels and they buried her body where Adam's body was and Abel's. And thereafter Michael spake to Seth and saith: "Lay out in this wise every man that dieth till the day of Resurrection." And after giving him this rule; he saith to him: "Mourn not beyond six days, but on the seventh day rest and rejoice on it, because on that very day Alahayim rejoiceth, yea, and we angels too with the righteous soul, who hath passed away from the earth." Even thus spake the angel, and ascended into heaven, glorifying Alahayim and saying: "Haluluyah."Holy, holy, holy is Adonoye , in the glory of Alahayim the Father, for to Him it is meet to give glory, honor, and worship, with the eternal life-giving spirit now and always and forever. Amen. Holy, holy, holy is AHAYAH of Hosts. To whom be glory and power forever and forever. Amen. Then the archangel Joel glorified Alahayim; saying, "Holy, Holy, Holy AHAYAH, heaven and earth are full of thy glory."

  • A recap, the burial rites are as follows:


Then Seth saw the hand of Alahayim stretched out holding Adam, and he handed him over to Michael, saying: "Let him be in thy charge till the day of Judgment in punishment, till the last years when I will convert his sorrow into joy. Then shall he sit on the throne of him who hath been his supplanter." And AHAYAH said again to the angels Michael and Uriel: "Bring me three linen clothes of byssus, and spread them out over Adam, and other linen clothes over Abel his son, and bury Adam and Abel his son." And all the "powers" of angels marched before Adam, and the sleep of the dead was consecrated. And the angels Michael and Uriel buried Adam and Abel in the parts of paradise, before the eyes of Seth and his mother and no one else, and Michael and Uriel said: "Just as ye have seen, in like manner, bury your dead."


Then Alahayim spake to the archangels Michael, Gabriel, Uriel, and Raphael: "Go away to paradise in the third heaven, and strew linen clothes, and cover the body of Adam, and bring oil of the 'oil of fragrance' and pour it over him." And they acted thus, did the three great angels, and they prepared him for burial. And Alahayim said: "Let the body of Abel also be brought." And they brought other linen clothes and prepared his body also. 

  • We bury our dead in linen clothes, and anoint them with oil and fragrances for burial.


Laws pertaining to Dead Bodies

  • The laws on a person who touches a dead body, bone of a man, grave,  or was in a homthe home at the time of death: 

  1. The person is unclean 7 days, must abide without the camp away from others and the sanctuary

  2. <ust wash on the 3rd and 7th day to be clean, if not washed on 3rd & 7th day, one bears iniquity and is cut off from the congregation. 

  3. Anything you touch you will defile, and whoever touches anything you touched will be unclean until even and must wash themselves and their clothes before even to be clean.

Ways to become unclean by the dead: 

Num 19:11 

He that toucheth the dead body of any man shall be unclean seven days

Num 19:16 

And whosoever toucheth one that is slain with a sword in the open fields, or a dead body, or a bone of a man, or a grave, shall be unclean seven days. 

Num 19:14 

This is the law, when a man dieth in a tent: all that come into the tent, and all that is in the tent, shall be unclean seven days.

Num 19:15 

And every open vessel, which hath no covering bound upon it, is unclean. 

  • How to be purified from the uncleanness by the dead

Num 19:12 

He shall purify himself with it on the third day, and on the seventh day he shall be clean: but if he purify not himself the third day, then the seventh day he shall not be clean.

Num 19:19  

And the clean person shall sprinkle upon the unclean on the third day, and on the seventh day: and on the seventh day he shall purify himself, and wash his clothes, and bathe himself in water, and shall be clean at even

Num 19:13 

Whosoever toucheth the dead body of any man that is dead, and purifieth not himself, defileth the tabernacle of AHAYAH; and that soul shall be cut off from Israel: because the water of separation was not sprinkled upon him, he shall be unclean; his uncleanness is yet upon him. (We are not under the carnal sacrifices to use the water of purification since we have Christ who sanctifies and cleanses us by the word and his blood [Eph 5:26, I John 1:7], but If one doesn't wash on the 7th day as commanded, one is still unclean.)

The unclean must be put out of the camp:

Num 5:2  

Command the children of Israel, that they put out of the camp every leper, and every one that hath an issue, and whosoever is defiled by the dead
Num 5:3  
Both male and female shall ye put out, without the camp shall ye put them; that they defile not their camps, in the midst whereof I dwell. 

Num 19:22 

And whatsoever the unclean person toucheth shall be unclean; and the soul that toucheth it shall be unclean until even. (One cannot touch anything without defiling it and that thing will make someone else unclean if they touch it. The person that became unclean by touching it cannot make anyone esle unclean though.)



An example in the scriptures:

Num 31:19 

And do ye abide without the camp seven days: whosoever hath killed any person, and whosoever hath touched any slain, purify both yourselves and your captives on the third day, and on the seventh day. 

Num 31:20 

And purify all your raiment, and all that is made of skins, and all work of goats' hair, and all things made of wood. 

  • Laws for the Priests, the sons of Aaron, for the dead

Lev 21:1 

And Ahayah said unto Moses, Speak unto the priests the sons of Aaron, and say unto them, There shall none be defiled for the dead among his people: 

Lev 21:2 

But for his kin, that is near unto him, that is, for his mother, and for his father, and for his son, and for his daughter, and for his brother, 

Lev 21:3 

And for his sister a virgin, that is nigh unto him, which hath had no husband; for her may he be defiled. 

Lev 21:4 

But he shall not defile himself, being a chief man among his people, to profane himself. 

  • The Laws for the High Priest, he cannot be defiled for anyone at all because he is consecrated to Ahayah.

Lev 21:10 

And he that is the high priest among his brethren, upon whose head the anointing oil was poured, and that is consecrated to put on the garments, shall not uncover his head, nor rend his clothes; 

Lev 21:11 

Neither shall he go in to any dead body, nor defile himself for his father, or for his mother; 

Lev 21:12 

Neither shall he go out of the sanctuary, nor profane the sanctuary of his Alahayim; for the crown of the anointing oil of his Alahayim is upon him: I am Ahayah. 

Admonitions by Sirach concerning the dead.

Sir 22:11 

Weep for the dead, for he hath lost the light: and weep for the fool, for he wanteth understanding: make little weeping for the dead, for he is at rest: but the life of the fool is worse then death.

Sir 22:12 

Seven days doe men mourn for him that is dead; but for a fool, and an unholy man, all the days of his life.

Sir 38:16 

My son, let tears fall down over the dead, and begin to lament, as if thou hadst suffered great harm thy self: and then cover his body according to the custom, & neglect not his burial. (Now we know what that custom is.)

Sir 38:17 

Weep bitterly, and make great moan, and use lamentation, as he is worthy, and that a day or two, lest thou be evil spoken of: and then comfort thy self for thy heaviness.

Sir 38:18 

For of heaviness commeth death, and the heaviness of the heart, breaketh strength.

Sir 38:19 

In affliction also sorrow remaineth: and the life of the poor, is the curse of the heart.

Sir 38:20 

Take no heaviness to heart: drive it away, and remember the last end.

Sir 38:21 

Forget it not, for there is no turning again: thou shalt not do him good, but hurt thy self.

Sir 38:22 

Remember my judgement: for thine also shall be so; yesterday for me, and to day for thee.

Sir 38:23 

When the dead is at rest, let his remembrance rest, & be comforted for him, when his spirit is departed from him.

  • Examples of Burial rites performed:

  1. Abraham burying Sarah, his wife.

Jasher 24:15.

And the days of Sarah were one hundred and twenty seven years and she died, and Abraham made a great and heavy mourning, and he performed the rites of  mourning for seven days.

Jasher 24:16.

And all the inhabitants of the land comforted Abraham and Isaac his son on account of Sarah. 

  1. Joseph burying Jacob, his father.

Gen 50:2  

And Joseph commanded his servants the physicians to embalm H2590 his father: and the physicians embalmed Israel. 


Strong's Definition:

A primitive root; to spice; by implication to embalm; also to ripen: - embalm, put forth.
BDB Definition:
1) to embalm, spice, make spicy (verb)
1a) (Qal)
1a1) to spice, make spicy
1a2) to embalm
2) to ripen
3) (BDB) embalming (noun masculine plural abstract)

  • The embalming of the ancient times was simply anointing the bodies with fragrances, while Kings had their bowels cut open along with fragrances [T. of Judah 26:3; Gen 50:2-3].  

Gen 50:2  And Joseph commanded his servants the physicians to embalm his father: and the physicians embalmed Israel

Gen 50:3  

And forty days were fulfilled for him; for so are fulfilled the days of those which are embalmed: and the Egyptians mourned for him threescore and ten days. 

Gen 50:8 

And all the house of Joseph, and his brethren, and his father's house: only their little ones, and their flocks, and their herds, they left in the land of Goshen. 

Gen 50:9 

And there went up with him both chariots and horsemen: and it was a very great company. 

Gen 50:10 

And they came to the threshingfloor of Atad, which is beyond Jordan, and there they mourned with a great and very sore lamentation: and he made a mourning for his father seven days. 

Gen 50:11 

And when the inhabitants of the land, the Canaanites, saw the mourning in the floor of Atad, they said, This is a grievous mourning to the Egyptians: wherefore the name of it was called Abelmizraim, which is beyond Jordan. 

Testament of Judah 26:3 .

Let no one bury me in costly apparel, nor tear open my bowels, for this 4 shall they who are kings do

Please do not cremate anyone, because burning a dead body is a transgression and is worthy of punishment. The proper burial ceremonies are above mentioned and are what one is suppose to do. The unrighteous do cremation unto people. Also unrighteous people are burned with fire as well in the records. 

Amos 2:1

1  Thus saith Ahayah; For three transgressions of Moab, and for four, I will not turn away the punishment thereof; because he burned the bones of the king of Edom into lime:

Leviticus 20:14

14  And if a man take a wife and her mother, it is wickedness: they shall be burnt with fire, both he and they; that there be no wickedness among you.

Joshua 7:15

15  And it shall be, that he that is taken with the accursed thing shall be burnt with fire, he and all that he hath: because he hath transgressed the covenant of Ahayah, and because he hath wrought folly in Israel.